The 21 VLX is designed for the family that loves to wakeboard, surf and ski. The 21 VLX comes with everything you need to get out on the water at an incredible value. With seating for 13 and all the trimmings, you’re going to have a massive wake when you need it and smooth, passable slalom wakes when you want to switch gears.




Length: 21’/6.4.m
Beam: 98″/2.49m
Draft: 27″/0.69m
Capacity: 13 people
Fuel: 48gal/181.7L
Standard Tow Weight: 5953lbs/2700kg (approx)
Hull Type: Wake Plus/Diamond
Max Ballast: 3690lbs/1674kg


Length: 21’/6.4m
Beam: 98″/2.49m
Draft: 27″/0.69m
Capacity: 13 people
Fuel: 48gal/181.7L
Standard Tow Weight: 5953lbs/2700kg (approx)
Hull Type: Wake Plus/Diamond
Max Ballast: 3690lbs/1674kg



Surf Gate™’s high-speed hydraulic actuators let you quickly shift the surf wave from side to side for regular or goofy foot styles. Surf Gate creates the most dynamic playground for wake surfing possible. Period. No competitor comes close to offering the same adjustability range.


The Power Wedge III makes your wakes and waves bigger by pulling down the back of the boat and saves fuel by automatically getting you on plane faster. For 2019 it has five more degrees of lift for more usable positions and an improved exhaust pipe so it’s more effective and it looks better than ever. Our innovations are always evolving.



Up to 2260kg. across the Wakesetter line, our model specific quad hard tank ballast offers you the ability to set the size and shape of your ideal wake with incredible ease.




Welcome to the future – make any wave you want while you ride it. Malibu’s remote wrist Surf Band™ allows for full control over your wave. Adjust the speed, volume, Surfgate and Power Wedge all from your wrist.


Award-Winning Performance,
Unmatched Reliability

The new Malibu Monsoon line of engines, the M5Di, M6Di & LT4 were developed by Malibu to offer unmatched performance, fuel economy, reliability and sound reduction.


Malibu was able to accomplish this feat by bringing engine production in-house. The engine experts at Malibu worked with industry leaders like GM® Marine, Roush®, Davinci®, and McLaren Engineering® to design and perform the research and development necessary to introduce a line of in-board engines to the towboat industry like no other.


The new M5Di, M6Di & LT4 direct injection engines are only available in a Malibu. Contact your local dealer to experience the next generation of power today.

5.3L Direct Injected


TORQUE – 400 FT-LBS @ 3800 rpm

POWER – 360 HP @ 5600 rpm

Whether you’re going for another buoy or generating surf swells, Malibu’s new M5Di has the power to get you there with more efficiency than ever before.

6.2L Direct Injected


TORQUE – 460 FT-LBS @ 3800 rpm

POWER – 430 HP @ 5600 rpm

Designed to be the standard engine in some of largest Malibu boats and the first step up in the powertrain options, the M6Di still has the lowest sound level at various RPMs and fuel economy levels comparable to smaller engines.

POWERED BY GM® MARINE 6.2L Direct Injected 


TORQUE – 606 FT-LBS @ 3800 rpm

POWER – 608 HP @ 5600 rpm

Designed to deliver torque at low RPMS, the Malibu Monsoon LT4 brings you all the power you need for the ultimate action filled day on the water.


Reliability was the key focus when designing the new Malibu Monsoon direct injection engines, with engines subject to over 5000 hours of rigorous testing before production started.  The world first F.E.A.D. (Front End Accessory Drive) system is at the core of the new design’s reliability – it makes everything in the engine simpler, eliminating failure points and using glycol for cooling so that critical engine components are not compromised by raw water exposure.  The Malibu Monsoon engines are exclusive to Malibu and built from the ground up in our new start of the art facility at Malibu Boats USA.


It’s not how fast you can pull a rider or skier (that’s horse power), it’s about getting the rider out of the hole quickly and consistently with a boat full of ballast and friends – and that is all about torque curve.  This has been the driving factor behind the Malibu Monsoon direct injection engines. M5Di, M6Di & LT4 are tailor made by Malibu for water sports – meaning maximum power is delivered early in the torque curve to give you a boat that never bogs down. The Monsoon’s custom tailored gear ratios act as torque multipliers to deliver even more power when you need it.


Malibu’s new line of Monsoon Engines is so quiet, you can have a conversation when running full speed down the lake.  Higher compression of Malibu’s direct injection engines, along with acoustic foam and cast iron manifolds that wrap around the cylinder heads all combine to make the quietest engine the tow boat industry has ever heard.


Malibu Monsoon engines are also the greenest engines the tow boat industry has ever seen. They don’t just meet CARB (California Air Resources Board) five star emission standards, they exceed them.  The engines are certified 5 star ultraclean with 50% lower emissions than 4 star ratings on other tow boats. The lowest emissions in the tow boat industry and best in class fuel economy is made possible thanks to direct injection technology.  The drive train has been tuned to give the most power at the lowest RPMs – exactly what you need for water sports. Best in class fuel efficiency and the lowest emissions in the industry are only available on Malibu and Axis. The Malibu Monsoon LT4 is the only supercharged towboat engine with a 4 star emissions rating, The best emissions rating for a supercharged engine the towboat industry.



  • CARB 5 Star Ultra Clear (LT4 – 4 Star)
  • Cast Aluminum Block and Cylinder Heads
  • Cast Aluminum Marine Oil Pan
  • Dual Equal Cam Phasing – 2V
  • Glycol Cooled Oil/Transmission Heat Exchangers
  • Mess Free Oil Changes with Cartridge Style Oil Filter
  • Reversed Fresh Air Induction
  • Reversed Composite Intake Manifold
  • 11:1 Compression
  • Closed Cooled ½ System
  • Custom Hydrophobic Flame Arrestor




The Australian Malibu/Axis factory is located in Albury NSW, conveniently positioned between Sydney and Melbourne.

What does having a factory located in Australia mean for Australian ski and wakeboard boat owners? The simple answer is … everything.Our dealers have a direct line to the Australian factory which means they can work quickly to address any issues that might crop up before, during or after the production of your ski, wakeboard or wake surf boat.

And because your Malibu or Axis boat is entirely handcrafted in Australia, every single part needed to make the boat is available from our Australian warehouse.  Replacement parts are usually available at your dealer within days, so we can get you back on the water ASAP. And not just current year boats.  Our massive factory warehouse stores parts for current and recent model years, as well as stock of high demand parts for models dating back to 1995. So, when you buy a Malibu or Axis, you’re supported across the life of your boat ownership.