When you are researching your ski or wake boat purchase, there are a few key questions to ask yourself and your dealer to ensure you choose the best boat for you and your family


What types of water sports will I use my boat for?

When choosing your next boat, it’s important to determine what types of water sports you’ll use it for.  Are you a water skiing family looking to cut the tiniest of wakes? Have the kids embraced wakeboarding and are launching off the wake to get maximum air? Or perhaps you’ve discovered that the slower speed and softer ‘landings’ of wake surfing is now more your style? Or maybe you want a boat that can do a bit of everything (often called a ‘cross-over boat’)?

If you’re a skiing family, you’re going to want to look at the Malibu Response range, including the Response TXI and the Response LXR.

If you’re keen for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing, then the Malibu Wakesetter and M series ranges, or the Axis A20 and T22 are the models you’ll want to check out.

As for cross overs, start by looking at the Malibu Wakesetter VLX range and the Axis A20.

Where will I use the boat?

The question of where you’ll use your boat is an important consideration.  Specifically, the question here relates to whether you’re using your boat in fresh water (often rivers and lakes) or salt water (oceans, inlets and brackish waters such as the Hawkesbury River).

If you’re using your boat in salt-water, you need to ensure it’s equipped with sacrificial anodes and a closed water cooling system.  You might also want to ask your dealer about galvanised coating and stainless-steel break lines for the trailer.

How many people will I go boating with?

An associated question here is ‘how long we want to spend on the water versus on the bank?’ With seating capacities for up to 15 people within the Australian Malibu and Axis range, family and friends can easily spend all day on the water without the need to return to the bank to on- and off-load passengers and riders.

Australian laws are in place to govern the number of passengers legally allowed in a boat and is determined by the boat’s length and breadth.

Where will I store the boat?

Where you’ll store your boat is an important consideration when choosing your boat, as the height and length of boats vary and don’t always fit in a standard size garage or shed.  Check the height and length of your proposed storage area to know what you have to play with and then speak your dealer about dimensions of your preferred model, as well as fold down capabilities of towers and swim up decks.  Remember also to check trailer dimensions.

What will I use to tow the boat?

Failure to abide by Australian towing regulations, including maximum loads, may result in a fine or in the case of an accident, refusal of the insurance claim and the potential for further legal action. A vehicle’s towing capacity is determined by its manufacturer and is based on things like the design of the vehicle, the vehicle’s rear axle load, the capacity of its tyres and the effect the laden trailer will have on the vehicle’s stability, durability and overall safety.

Ski and wake boat weights vary significantly and it’s important to be aware of the towing capacity of your vehicle as you make your decision. 

Dry weights of models in the Australian Malibu/Axis range vary from around 1,400kgs to 2,300kgs, with trailer weights then adding another 500 – 900kgs.  A fully fuelled boat can add another 250kgs and if you’re loading the boat with wakeboards, ski’s, kneeboards, tubes etc … that’s more weight to be accounted for.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

– What does your warranty cover?

– Do you offer a lifetime warranty on hulls, decks, stringers and major build components?

– How long is your warranty?

– Is it for the full term or is it a graduated warranty based on the age of the boat?

Because every single Malibu or Axis boat sold in Australia is meticulously handcrafted by highly trained technicians from our factory in Albury NSW, we have the confidence to offer the industry’s best warranty program.  First, we guarantee our entire boat with a Lifetime Warranty, including hulls, decks, stringers and major build components. Then, we cover the powertrain, components, interiors, upholstery and trailers with a Full Australian Factory Five Year Warranty.  Read the fine print as you’ll find that many manufacturers limit their warranty coverage, which could result in an abbreviated warranty, lots of red tape and a higher total cost of ownership.


Where is your factory located?

– How quickly can you get access to spare parts if something is damaged or broken?

– What happens if I need spare parts?

– How much stock of accessories and spare parts do you keep on hand?

– What happens if a manufacturer error or fault is detected? How do I get it fixed?

The Malibu/Axis factory is located in Albury, NSW, conveniently positioned between Sydney and Melbourne.  All Malibu/Axis dealers have super-quick access to factory parts and accessories, meaning you don’t waste time off the water waiting for parts to be imported from overseas. And because the factory is located in Australia, your dealer has direct access to the factory to resolve any issues before, during or after the production of your boat.


How long have you been a dealer for this brand?

If you’re a long-time boat owner we don’t need to tell you how important the quality of your relationship with your dealer is.  It’s important to know that the person who sells you your boat will be there for you for the duration of your boat ownership. We’re very proud of the experience and deep knowledge of our dealers and the strength of the partnership we have with them.  Together we’re committed to helping you achieve the ultimate on-the-water lifestyle.